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Sixth Worldwide Guitar Conference

Jaco Pastorius' bass guitar workshop in Martinique

December 1984

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Wednesday, December 12, 1984 Day 3 Recordings (pending)

Jaco came in the hotel conference room and gave beers to everyone. Two students jammed with Jaco who appears to be drinking. "Drummers and bass players are the most important people ever in any band. Agree with me? I'm going to show you what's the real deal is about... No body else plays but me."
A conference staff tried to lower the volume of the amp. "Don't touch this, don't touch anything." Jaco performed for the students. We have our own private show.

"None of you ... know what you're doing... This is the real deal boy... I can't believe that I'm telling you what I'm actually do for living... It's really weird." Jaco improvised. "I never had a drink and did no drugs after I was 26 ... years old. I was 26. OK? If I see you drinking a beer, if I see you getting f... up, I got news for you. Rashied, how old were you before you had a Schafer? Think about it. Rashied just turned 49... has eight children. I have four children. This (beer) ain't free ... I'm sorry I had cursed but I have to say it."

The session covered:
  1. Donna Lee
  2. the qualities of a good drummer
  3. how to perform piano or forte
  4. Purple Haze

Day 3 Recordings

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