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Sixth Worldwide Guitar Conference

Jaco Pastorius' bass guitar workshop in Martinique

December 1984

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Thursday, December 13, 1984 Day 4 Recordings (pending)

Jaco taught and performed America the Beautiful. He wanted all students to perform with him at the concert the following day. He played my G&L bass. He truly enjoyed playing the G&L bass.

Jaco played Round Trip/Broadway Blues followed by Donna Lee duo with Michel Hatzigeorgiou (Michel took the first solo).

On a personal note:

20 months after the Martinique meeting, I was enrolled in the Music Therapy Program at Florida State University. I attained my degree and worked as a Music Therapist for 5 years. Reflecting on life achievements, I realize that Jaco had a profound influence on me.


Jaco playing my G&L
  Jaco playing my G&L


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